Tips for Hatching Peacock Eggs

Peafowls are distant relatives of the pheasants. The male peafowl is called the peacock. It has a bright colored plumage which differentiates it from the pheasants. The female is called the peahen and it lays approximately 28 eggs in a year. Peacock eggs are normally laid during April on alternate days.

Peacock eggs can be hatched either naturally or artificially. The natural method is not commercially viable as the peahen will be able to hatch only a limited number of eggs.

The artificial method of incubation normally takes about 28 days. Proper temperature, humidity and ventilation are essential for ensuring that the peacock eggs hatch properly.

The peacock eggs should be kept at room temperature before they are placed in the incubator. Temperature in the incubator should be maintained at a stable level before the eggs are placed in it. The temperature can be controlled by using air vents or placing water pans.

The temperature of the incubator should be maintained between 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit initially and adjusted every week to make sure that the eggs are neither overheated nor chilled.

The relative humidity of the incubator should be set at 60 percent initially. It has to be increased to 90 percent during the last days of the incubation period. Excessive or low humidity can cause damage to the peacock eggs.

The date should be marked on the egg itself with a pencil or crayon before it is set in the incubator. Once in a week or ten days the eggs should be candled with a bright light to make sure that the incubation process is progressing properly. Eggs which show no growth on candling are not fertile. Such eggs have to be removed from the incubator.

Last but not the least the eggs should be turned at least 5 to 6 times in a day to ensure proper development. After the completion of 28 days, the eggs should not be turned. A dry place should be identified to place the peachicks which will hatch out from the egg after the completion of the incubation period.

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