Candling Chicken Eggs For Beginners

If you are planning on incubating eggs any time soon, then you need to learn about candling chicken eggs and how you can keep track of the incubation progress. A high powered LED light is used to monitor the progress of incubation and will help you in spotting embryo viability, moisture and any other details that affect the hatching. [Read more...]

Fertile Chicken Eggs – The Fertilization Process

How it all Begins

If you are interested in incubating and hatching eggs, then a rudimentary understanding of the fertilization process will, no doubt, be beneficial. The whole fertilization process begins with the production of an oocyte, otherwise known as a yolk, which is formed in the hen’s ovary during ovulation. The yolk then travels down the oviduct where it is fertilized. From that point, the process becomes somewhat more complicated if not complex. [Read more...]

Breeds of Chicken

Domesticated for hundreds of years, chickens have been the single most prominent contributors to the industry of poultry farming. Numerous breeds of chicken have been classified on the basis of their size, egg color, plumage color, earlobe color, skin color, feathering, place of origin and many more distinguishing attributes. They are also classified according to their utilities like providing flesh, eggs or ones that serve dual purposes. Some of them are also bred purely for ornamental purposes. [Read more...]

Guide to Hatching Chicken Eggs

Hatching eggs is not a difficult or complex procedure. The best way to hatch a chicken egg is to let it happen naturally. In this natural process known as setting, a broody hen sits on eggs for days in order to keep them warm until they are ready to hatch.

In the absence of a hen at home, you can use an egg incubator to do job of a mother hen.   The incubator helps maintain the warmth of the chicken eggs and thereby helps the embryo develop. [Read more...]