How to Hatch Fertile Turkey Eggs

Why Turkey Eggs Aren’t Sold In The Store

Turkey eggs are typically used for hatching poults, or baby turkeys. Therefore, hatching eggs of this type is more prudent than, say, selling them commercially as hens lay far more eggs per year. While the turkey only lays about 100 eggs during a timeframe of 30 weeks, hens lay as many as 300 eggs annually. As a result, it just makes more sense to produce hen eggs for consumption. Nevertheless, hatching eggs, such as turkey eggs, is no doubt appreciated by consumers when the poults develop into full-fledged turkeys, especially around the holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. [Read more...]

Tips for Hatching Peacock Eggs

Peafowls are distant relatives of the pheasants. The male peafowl is called the peacock. It has a bright colored plumage which differentiates it from the pheasants. The female is called the peahen and it lays approximately 28 eggs in a year. Peacock eggs are normally laid during April on alternate days.

Peacock eggs can be hatched either naturally or artificially. The natural method is not commercially viable as the peahen will be able to hatch only a limited number of eggs. [Read more...]

How to Hatch Duck Eggs

Just like chicken eggs, ducks eggs can also be artificially hatched without the presence of a mother duck. All you need is an appropriate incubator with proper temperature and humidity settings. You can even build a duck egg incubator at home. Any enclosed place or box that can maintain heat and humidity can be used as an incubator for hatching duck eggs. Otherwise, purchase an incubator that suits your hatching needs. [Read more...]