Guide to Hatching Chicken Eggs

Hatching eggs is not a difficult or complex procedure. The best way to hatch a chicken egg is to let it happen naturally. In this natural process known as setting, a broody hen sits on eggs for days in order to keep them warm until they are ready to hatch.

In the absence of a hen at home, you can use an egg incubator to do job of a mother hen.   The incubator helps maintain the warmth of the chicken eggs and thereby helps the embryo develop. [Read more...]

The Basics of Hatching Eggs

There are a few important factors that one must take into consideration while hatching eggs in an incubator. The first step in this process is to select right hatching chicken eggs. It is advisable to choose eggs from the hens that are capable of producing fertile eggs and have not had any disturbances during their mating session.

The eggs meant for hatching should be clean, healthy, and without any cracks or holes in the shells. Never wash or wipe hatching eggs as washing and wiping can damage the natural protective covering of the egg and thereby make it more vulnerable to disease causing organisms. Eggs with cracked shells are also prone to getting infected. [Read more...]